About Us

Although a number of companies provide central laboratory services to the pharmaceutical industry, these companies may lack in-depth clinical knowledge of diabetes and are often not familiar with recent developments in novel treatments for diabetes, such as post-prandial glucose regulators and insulin analogues.


Over a period of more than 25 years we have developed extensive experience in assays related to diabetes. This has included involvement in assay development, assay validation and use of these assays in a variety of clinical situations such as clinical trials, research into the relative roles of insulin secretion and insulin resistance and also for the diagnosis of hypoglycaemic states such as insulinoma and factitious hypoglycaemia. The group have published widely in the areas of assay methodology and the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes. The work has also led to numerous contacts and work with the pharmaceutical industry. More recently we have become involved in the testing and validation of devices for use by people with diabetes.

For further information about our areas of expertise please see our publications arising from work done in our laboratory.


Our aim is to provide a high quality service specialising in assays relevant to diabetes and endocrinology research. In addition to this assay/analysis service, we are able to support the development and testing (including validation) of new devices.

The laboratories are located in state of the art facilities in the Grove building and Joint Clinical Research Facility in ILS2, Swansea University.

The laboratories are accredited to Good Clinical and Laboratory Practice standards.


Who are we?

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                                 Lab Director                                                                                                                  Lab Manager                                                     
                         Professor Steve Luzio                                                                                                   Dr Gareth Dunseath                                               


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                             Quality Facilitator                                                                                              Molecular Diagnostics Manager                 
                              Dr Danielle Grant                                                                                                             Dr Sarah Prior

            Picture1CJ.jpg                                                                   Picture1DB.jpg

          Research Assistant/Project Manager                                                                             Research Assistant/Project Manager      
                       Dr Charlotte Jones                                                                                                               Dominic Bright