MSc Diabetes Practice evening symposiums

Tue 12th Feb - Thu 14th Feb, 2019

Village Hotel Swansea, Langdon Road, Swansea, SA1 8QY

Swansea University Medical School has launched it’s first postgraduate distance learning course MSc Diabetes Practice. As part of the course a series of evening symposiums aimed to provide up to date information on the pharmaceutical and technology developments to help people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes manage their condition are being organised. The symposiums are free to attend for healthcare professionals who wish to update their knowledge in these ever changing fields and are taking place on 12th and 14th February in the Village Hotel Swansea, details below.


The MSc Diabetes Practice evening symposium 1 offers talks on the vital role of diabetes specialist nurses in the diabetes multidisciplinary team as well as a review of the cardiovascular outcome trials and SGLT2 inhibitors. Sponsored by Napp.


The MSc Diabetes Practice evening symposium 2 offers talks on the complications of Type 2 diabetes management, diabetic retinopathy and technology and its role in helping to manage diabetes. Sponsored by Boerhinger Ingelheim/Lilly.


Please see links above for more information on each of the symposiums.