Examples of Studies

image_screen_small.jpg1. UK-wide multicentre study with over 30 centres

  • Analysis of HbA1c
  • Sampling kits are sent to the centres, samples returned via post, assayed and results reported to co-ordinating centre

2. PK/PD Study

  • 3 centre study in UK, Italy and France
  • Analysis of glucose, insulin, C-peptide and NEFA
  • Labelled PK/PD sampling kits were sent to the centres and samples shipped to lab at end of study.
  • Results reported back to study sponsor

3. GP Study

  • Multicentre GP study
  • Samples sent directly from GP to lab
  • Results reported directly back to GP

4. Multicentre, multinational study in type 1 diabetes

  • Germany, UK, France, Holland, Austria, Italy