Public Involvement

Public involvement is key to producing research relevant to the needs and concerns of those living with diabetes or at risk of developing the disease. As such, members of the public will be involved in all aspects of the work of the Diabetes Research Group for example, helping to shape the research agenda by working with the Research Development Groups, advising on research study design and helping to raise public awareness.

The Diabetes Research Group have formed a Reference Panel of public contributors that work closely with diabetes researchers across Wales providing lay opinion and helping to shape our programme of research and public engagement activities. The panel currently consists of eleven people.

The Role of Public Contributor within the Diabetes Research Group 

All public contributors working with the Diabetes Research Group are members of the Reference Panel which meet up to 3 times a year. In addition, our public contributors  also have the option of working with one of our Research Development Groups, helping to prioritise research needs and develop research proposals.  The main activities will include:

  1. Providing a forum for researchers within the Diabetes Research Group to seek lay opinion on study design and implementation.
  2. Providing advice and support to researchers on the dissemination of research findings (for example, helping to produce lay summaries and highlighting relevant local meetings) .
  3. Raising awareness of the work of the Diabetes Research Group across Wales and contributing to the programme of public engagement activities.



Public Reference Panel Role Description

Public Reference Panel Terms of Reference




The Diabetes Research Group Swansea is a research organisation. To find out more about diabetes you may want to visit the Diabetes UK  or JDRF websites.